The New Di Blasi Car Hoist

In our blog on the Di Blasi R30, we gave a brief history of the Di Blasi family and how their ethos is to design and manufacture space saving vehicles. In the past, they’ve designed folding mopeds, folding bicycles and folding mobility scooters. And, just when you thought they’d done it all, they’ve brought out the Di Blasi R30 Car Hoist. The hoist isn’t exactly a space saver, as such, but is extremely practical. And the good news?

Photo of a Di Blasi car hoist in the boot of a hatchback car.

The Di Blasi Car Hoist is now available in the UK

The Di Blasi Car Hoist is going to save you an abundance of time and effort, especially if you struggle to lift the Di Blasi R30 in and out of your car boot. It has a strong and powerful frame that can be moved from car to car. This may prove extremely helpful if you have two or more cars in your household, or say, you hire a rental car to take on holiday because it won’t limit which car you take or whose turn it is to drive.

Now, let’s talk about the technical side of the hoist

The frame is held in place by a series of 14 rubber bumpers which are strategically placed on the front, side, top and bottom of the hoist to achieve maximum stability. These feet or bumpers can be easily adjusted and locked to fit the dimensions of your car boot. It really is that simple - so when it comes to moving and installing the hoist, it’s unlikely that you’ll need an engineer or technician to help.

With many mobility scooter hoists, you might find that they are very bulky, consume the whole boot space and leave little room for anything else. It’s evident that this common problem has been thought out by the engineers at Di Blasi. The way the hoist has been designed ensures that there is space to the rear and at the sides for storage. 

That’s the beauty – there’s still enough space to store your shopping or personal items in the boot. It’s difficult to say just how much space you’ll be left with, as it really does depend on the size of your car boot space.

Press play on the video below to see the Di Blasi R30 Hoist in action.

To operate the mobility scooter hoist, just hold the switch in the downwards position until the arm is fully extended. Then use the bracket to attach the arms of the hoist to the frame of your Di Blasi R30 and once secure, hold the switch in the upwards position to lift your scooter into the car boot. If you need to get the Di Blasi out of your car, then just repeat the above steps – it’s that simple.

Di Blasi car hoist lifting an R30 mobility scooter into the boot of a car.The Car Hoist is also powered using the lithium battery on your Di Blasi R30, which in most instances will give you enough juice to operate it. But what, I hear you ask if you’ve had a long day out and the battery on the Di Blasi R30 has little power?

Well, the good news is that with the help of a little converter, the hoist can be attached to your car battery – so you’ll have no problem lifting the Di Blasi R30 in and out of your car boot.


If you’re interested in the Di Blasi Car Hoist, then pop into one of our showrooms in Waterlooville or Torquay. Alternatively, just give us a call on 02392 255600 where a friendly member of our team would be more than happy to provide any information you require. 

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