Lightweight Scooters: The Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

The Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

A Brief History

The Di Blasi R30 is a lightweight and compact mobility scooter that really looks the business. It's manufactured on the island of Sicily, which may have something to do with the sleek design -  well, we all know that the Italians and style go hand in hand.

The company was founded by Mr Rosario Di Blasi who was a pilot in the Italian Air Force and was always interested in mechanics and anything innovative. As a result, Di Blasi has been producing folding mopeds, folding tricycles, folding bicycles and folding mobility scooters ever since.

The demand for "space savers" is rapidly increasing as the population continues to soar and we're faced with less space. In fact, Rosario Di Blasi began the first design of a folding bicycle to solve an issue he faced.

He lived in an apartment on the 8th floor in Rome. As the elevator was too narrow to hold his bicycle, Rosario was forced to carry it into his home in order not to leave it unattended. As you can imagine, that's the last thing you'd want to do after a hard days work.

Anyway, let's talk about the Di Blasi R30 folding mobility scooter.

Simple Design 

Di Blasi R30 (in blue)The great thing about this lightweight scooter is the simplicity it provides. The unique mechanism inside the Di Blasi R30 allows the scooter to automatically fold so you won't need to mess around pulling levers or removing parts in order to store it away. There are two buttons on the side of the scooter which will fold and unfold the scooter in a matter of seconds.

Unlike some mobility scooters, it's very unlikely that you'll need to keep referring to the manual to see how the controls work. The buttons on the control panel are laid out in a simple way, from there you'll be able to switch between forward and reverse, adjust the speed of the scooter, put on the emergency brake, and turn the scooter on/off. To go forward just turn the twist grip and either use the brake to stop, or release the twist grip.

The wheels are purposely larger because this creates more ground clearance which means you'll experience a smoother ride when driving on flat pavement or uneven terrain.

Easy to use 

The real ethos of the Di Blasi brand is to make different methods of transport more portable. And that's no different with the R30 mobility scooter; it's easy to take with you wherever you go.

There is a metallic integrated handle which can be used when the Di Blasi is folded. This handle allows you to pull the Di Blasi along the floor just like a suitcase which makes it very easy to take on public transport like coaches, trains, ships and aeroplanes.

Whether you're planning a day trip, a world cruise, or a long-haul flight, you'll be able to rely on a Di Blasi R30 as a reliable travel companion. That said, it's always important to check with the company you're travelling with, as guidelines vary from company to company.


The Di Blasi R30 offers a smooth ride and can be used on many different journeys or travel itineraries. Basically, the Di Blasi R30 is an excellent choice to use every day or for the person who's always on the move. Because of the manoeuvrability of the Di Blasi R30, you'll be able to drive into a shopping centre and navigate your way through the crowds with ease.

If you're at an airport, you'll be able to drive the Di Blasi R30 all the way to the plane where it will be placed in the hold. Likewise, it can easily be stored in a cabin on a ship or in a small car boot space.

That's the beautiful thing about the Di Blasi R30. It's instantly ready as a fully working mobility scooter. Just sit back, turn the twist grip and away you go!

Where can I buy one?

If you're looking to buy or would like to have a free demonstration on the Di Blasi R30, then either fill out the enquiry form on this page or give one of our friendly team a call on (0333-414-1881). We'd be more than happy to help. 

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