SupaScoota Accessories

Enhance your SupaScoota with our range of accessories.

SupaScoota suspension seat for Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Suspension seat

Extra comfort (displayed with optional armrests.)

SupaScoota armrests for Lightweight Mobility Scooter


With slide-on mounts, these armrests are easy to remove for loading into the car.

SupaScoota front basket for Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Front basket

Attaches to the seat mount and is easily removed when loading into the car.

SupaScoota lithium battery for Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Lithium battery

Lighter and with a slightly better performance than the SLA battery.

*Armrests and Basket cannot be fitted on the MicroLite. 
*Armrests and Basket are an optional extra on SupaLite.


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