Lightweight Scooters: 6 Reasons to Buy a Portable Mobility Scooter

6 Reasons to Buy a Portable Mobility Scooter

If you're in the market for a portable mobility scooter it can often become very confusing. They are often known as lightweight scooters, boot scooters, and folding mobility scooters.

If it feels like your head is about to explode, don't worry because the good thing is that they mean virtually the same thing. A good quality portable mobility scooter should fold or dismantle in under 30 seconds, and also fit in most car boot spaces. Of course, different makes and models do vary slightly but the concept remains the same.

In this article, we're going to give you 6 reasons to buy a portable mobility scooter.

Riding a portable mobility scooter over grass


Being limited to where you can go is hard. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) means that services such as shops, hotels, pubs, post offices, and public places must provide access for everyone. Accessibility in these places is continually improving which is great for someone with a portable mobility scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair.

Also, a compact mobility scooter can also be taken on public transport including bus, train, coach, and aeroplane.

Prevent Injury

A portable scooter literally allows you to take the weight off your feet. It also reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls which can be particularly damaging when you lack the physical strength. All good mobility companies will give you the option of hiring their products. This can be very useful for rehabilitation, keeping you mobile while taking the strain off injured body parts.

Simple to Operate

A good portable mobility scooter should be easy to fold and take with you in the car boot. If you're the kind of person who is always on the go it might be wise to choose a scooter that can either manually or electronically fold in under 30 seconds. This would save you a lot of trouble assembling and disassembling. They are simple to operate with clearly marked buttons and levers on the dashboard. A quick demonstration from a professional and you'll be ready to go!

Close-up view of Di Blasi R30 controls


If you lack the storage space for a large mobility scooter, then a more compact one may be just the ticket. With a portable scooter, you'll be able to put it in a small shed, hallway, or cupboard. What's more, the batteries are usually removable, so you'll be able to charge it wherever there is an electrical socket.

More Independence

To get around independently is priceless. A portable mobility scooter is a great way to pop to the shops, move around your garden, or use in conjunction with a car to travel further afield. If you want something that can handle long journeys on a regular basis, then an 8 mph scooter may benefit you more.

Home Demonstrations

Purchasing a mobility scooter is a hard decision to make. It needs to suit your lifestyle and more importantly, you need to feel happy and confident when driving it in public spaces. Companies such as Lightweight Scooters are happy to bring a selection to your home. That way, you can try them out and speak to a trained mobility specialist at the same time.

Riding a SupaScoota around a supastore

There are many different reasons that you might want a portable mobility scooter. Perhaps you get tired on long walks with the family, or you want to recover quickly from an injury. A quality scooter will be worth the investment and can be used all year round. It's also extremely important that you test drive any mobility equipment before you make the decision to buy it.

Do you have any initial suggestions for a portable mobility scooter?

We have many portable mobility scooters in our range. It's difficult to suggest a scooter without speaking to you first. However, you might want to look at the scooters below as a starting point.

  • Di Blasi R30
  • SupaScoota
  • i3 Mobility Scooter

If you need any further questions answered or want to talk about a suitable portable mobility scooter for your lifestyle, please call us on 02392 255600. We'd be more than happy to help

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